What are Content Roles in SalesReach?

Content Roles can be customized to mirror your organization's preferences for access and permissions in the Content Library

Only Team Owners or account admins have access to Content Roles in SalesReach. 

Content Roles are available with a SalesReach Pro subscription. 

Content Roles are custom configurations of permissions that Team Owners assign to specific members or all members (excluding Team Owners) in a SalesReach account. 

All SalesReach accounts are set with the Default permissions and a Default Content Role. 

Team Owners can manage the permissions and access of individual SalesReach users to content within the Content Library by assigning the user a Content Role.

Unless explicitly assigned, all members (not Team Owners) have the Default Content Role inherited from the General Settings.

default content role

Assigning a content role to a member

Content Roles can be assigned in two places.

  1. At the Team-level, where everyone has the same Content Role unless defined otherwise
  2. At the Member-level, where you can explicitly define a content role to override the default Content Role

At the team-level, which will apply the role globally to all team members (except for Team Owners and Members with a role explicitly defined), and from the Members dashboard. Members without an explicit Content Role have Default Access to all content within the Content Library.

Content Roles are for the Content Library

Content Roles define permissions only to the Content Library, not the Visual Builder. Users may still add content to a Sales Page independently of their Content Role. 

Watch the Introduction to Content Roles video


How to find content roles in SalesReach: 

  1. Login to SalesReach
  2. Locate the sidebar menu
  3. Under Company Settings, click Content Roles
  4. In the upper right click Create New Content Role

content roles

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