What Are Message Templates?

Message Templates preset messages you can load into any SalesReach Page. They are located at the top of the Page.


Message Templates are preloaded messages to be accessed and then customized to increase efficiencies and provide users with consistency in messaging. 

You can find Message Templates when you login and locate the menu. The module is located within the Content Library of SalesReach.

To use Message Templates you will need to first create a Page then access the Visual Builder. Messages Templates are then selected from the Content Library and deployed to pages with the Visual Builder in the Hero Section.

Message Templates on a SalesReach Page

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 2.05.09 PM (2)

Organize Message Templates within the Content Library

  • Permissions and Visibility - create Message Templates and either keep them to your account or make them accessible to others. Control for which teams have access to each Message Template
  • Folders - maintain a consistent level of organization with an easy to use filing structure
  • Table Controls - Select one or multiple Message Templates to Delete, Duplicate, Transfer, or Move.

Best Practices with Message Templates

Enable a Message Template and quickly personalize it to save you time and provide value to the customer in the most efficient way.

There will always be an opportunity to write out a fully customized message. You can do that too. However, in many cases, only a few sentences of personalized messaging is all you need.

It is recommended that you create as many Message Templates as you can think of. You will typically want to have one Message Template for each stage of the Buyers' Journey for example. Think about each email you've sent during a recent sales cycle. There are probably a few really important ones. These emails are great to save as Message Templates in SalesReach.

Creating Message Templates

To create a Message Template view our Getting Started Guide, Step: 6 How to Create a Message Template in the SalesReach Content Library.