How to create a Page Template

Page Templates can speed up your Page creation in SalesReach here is how to create a template from which you can use as a starting point for new Pages.

Create a Page Template from the Dashboard

  1. Login to SalesReach
  2. Locate the Sidebar Menu
  3. Under Content Library, click Page Templates
  4. In the upper right, above the Page Templates Table, click the Add New button
  5. Select Page Template
  6. Create a title for your Sales Page Template
  7. Confirm the URL slug 
  8. Select visibility settings 
  9. Click Create

Note: As soon as you've clicked Create, the Page Template is available. 

Tip: Make sure you have all the necessary content in the Content Library before making a Page Template that you plan to share with the team or a group. Consider creating Page Templates available just to you and then editing them with more public visibility. 

SalesPage Templates 2

Saving a Sales Page as a Page Template

  1. Login to SalesReach
  2. From the Dashboard, click to open a Sales Page in the Visual Builder
  3. Or, click Create New Page
  4. With a Sales Page open in the Visual Builder locate the template icon in the upper right of the Visual Builder, next to the share icon
  5. Click the template icon
  6. Provide a title for your Sales Page Template
  7. Select visibility settings
  8. Click "Save" 

Learn more about Page Templates

Page Templates are available with a SalesReach Pro subscription.