What is the difference between visitors and unique visitors?

Here's how visitation data is counted in SalesReach.

The SalesReach Dashboard features two graphs on the Current Trends Report. This report gives you insight into Page performance. 

reports on dashboard

The Current Trends Report breaks down visitation data into two parts. 


Unique Visits 

A new browser cookie. SalesReach counts a unique visit once even if it was viewed multiple times. For example, if someone clicked a link to your Page today, then viewed it again tonight, and once more two days from now, you would have only one unique pageview (even though the page was viewed multiple times).

Total Visits

Counts each time the page was loaded. An individual person viewing the SalesReach Page (technically, a unique browser cookie). Each user can visit your Pages multiple times, for example, one user could create three Total Visits to the page.