What is BuyerVideo?

BuyerVideo is native video functionality for SalesReach. Record personalized 1:1 videos right from a Page.

BuyerVideo is a premium add-on to your SalesReach account.

SalesReach users who have access to BuyerVideo can record native videos within the SalesReach Visual Builder or Content Library. 

What can you do with BuyerVideo?

BuyerVideo is designed for 1:1 video messaging between a customer or prospect and a rep from your company. BuyerVideo recordings are short and simple video messages.

Salespeople, marketers, and customer success reps create recordings with BuyerVideo to bring their audience a better experience in the SalesReach buyer portal. 

Anyone in a customer-facing role can use BuyerVideo for a wide selection of reasons.

When to use BuyerVideo:

  • explain complex concepts
  • make an introduction
  • guide buyers through a purchase
  • demonstrate a product or service
  • make a pitch
  • complete a handoff to a new employee

To learn more about BuyerVideo check out these resources: