The New Visual Builder is Here and It's Game-changing

Setup Pages faster than ever with the new Visual Builder. The new Builder improves flexibility in Page layouts and provides better controls for Page creation.

Providing personalization at scale can be a heavy task for many teams. SalesReach is well-positioned to bring speed and customization to customer-facing teams but what happens when SalesReach becomes the source of truth for a prospect, a customer, or a relationship?

You have to make updates fast and keep making updates to best reflect the relationship. 

The new SalesReach Visual Builder is our fastest version yet and it comes with new features that bring more flexibility to page setup while giving your team the controls they need to remain on-brand and efficient. 

The new look of the SalesReach Visual Builder

the salesreach visual builder

Stay focused on only the right content. The Visual Builder design is cleaned up so that only the information in use is on display. When you add sections they become visible both on the Visual Builder and on the Page Preview. 

New toggles have replaced checkboxes and radio select buttons to provide you with a simpler interface to rapidly add or remove sections from SalesReach Pages.

With unnecessary clutter out of the way and a refined section editor, you'll have more time to think about the strategy for each page reflect that with the newly flexible Content Sections.

Flexible Content Sections

Now, your Bio, Assets, and Proposal sections may be added, removed, and reordered. To add a new section, press the button with the text "Add Content Section." Then select the section you would like to add. 

After adding a few sections you can use the new controls in the Visual Builder to order them how you want. 

New to Content Sections

  • Add an unlimited number of Assets
  • Provide structure and organization to your selected Page Assets by adding additional Asset sections