The New Default Bio Setting Makes Transferring Pages Between Teams Simple

By setting up a default bio, any new Page transferred to you will now have a bio every time.

Handoffs happen all the time, especially in sales.

That being said, sometimes companies miss the opportunity to communicate the value-added to the customer experience when someone else from the company takes over to handle the relationship.

The fact is, customers and prospects crave a personal touch and they want to know who they're doing business with.

In SalesReach the Bios Module has been a great way to work your personal brand into the relationship. Many SalesReach customers create different Bios to use on Pages so as to make a better connection. 

Make a better connection with a SalesReach Bio

If I know something about a customer or prospect that I have in common with them, working that into the Bio is a great way to put that on the table. Similarly, customers want to do business with an expert.

If I'm selling software to different industries like financial services and healthcare it's possible that I know a lot about both. However, I don't typically talk about my experience in healthcare with financial services folks and vice-versa.

The Bio section is where I can tailor my expertise to my audience. This keeps my expertise segmented and appropriate for my customers or prospect. 

Introducing the new Default Bio Settings for better handoffs

Your default bio can be a generic bio. Just like your LinkedIn page, it's general enough for an introduction and demonstrates your expertise and background. Having a default Bio set up in SalesReach is a great way to make sure you're making an introduction during a seamless handoff. 

Because customers expect to be updated with who's handling their account we've added the Default Bio setting to the Bios module. Now, whenever a handoff happens whom they can rely on when they need something.

"The Bios module in SalesReach is a great way to communicate with customers about who is managing the relationship, especially during a handoff."

- Collin, Strategic Account Representative

Here's an example:

  1. Jerod a BDR at Sales Inc. creates a SalesReach Page featuring a bio demonstrating his experience working with clients in the healthcare industry.
  2. Jerod has a great few rounds of conversation with Susan and they agree Sales Inc. could help Susan's company. 
  3. All the Assets and content Jerod used to wins Susan's trust is currently on the SalesReach Page. 
  4. At Sales Inc. Josh must close the deals Jerod finds through outreach. 
  5. Jerod transferres the SalesReach Page he's been using to educate Susan on Sales Inc's offering to Josh. 
  6. SalesReach just replaces the Bio on the Page with Josh's Default Bio. 
  7. Josh can pick up right where Jerod left off with Susan. 
  8. Whenever Susan goes to the page to learn something more Josh is there to make the introduction. 

Default Bio Settings: