Preview Sales Pages with 3-second .gifs with BuyerVideo

Sales Pages with BuyerVideo now feature a 3-second video preview of the BuyerVideo recording

Video messaging is picking up enormous momentum in the marketplace. The growing trend is becoming a go-to differentiator in customer experience. 

Because video has established itself as the preferred medium most executives want to consume information many in sales, marketing, and customer success roles have turned to video as their best way to connect with potential buyers and existing customers. 

With all the effort that goes into creating a video, you have to be sure that the video gets the attention and the engagement it deserves. 

Video: how to create a preview GIF for you Sales Page and boost engagement



A great way to encourage engagement with your videos is to make it very clear to the recipient that you are sharing a video with them. 

In some places, video is the expected medium through which information is consumed, like Instagram or YouTube. 

In other channels such as LinkedIn or email, creating videos can be a great way to delight your recipient with a personalized message. 

It's important that if you're going to create a video that your recipient feels excited to watch it. 

That's why we've added preview .gifs to BuyerVideo. 

methods to share your sales page

Whenever you are finished recording with BuyerVideo a GIF will appear as the thumbnail of your video. This will give your buyers a a preview to your video on the SalesPage.

This goes for Sales Pages that are shared on places like social media and in text messages on iOS.

Now, whenever you share a Sales Page with a BuyerVideo the 3-second gif will take the place of the preview image you determined in the General Settings of your SalesReach account. 

Adding these GIFs to BuyerVideo continues our commitment to provide your customers with the fastest, most personalized, and engaging experience possible to your buyers. 

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