How to manage the BuyerVideo recordings in the Content Library and Stories

With the launch of native video in SalesReach and BuyerVideo we've updated the table controls to keep your videos organized.

Add Stories to SalesReach Pages with BuyerVideo

Stories are only available when recording from the Visual Builder. To access this functionality open or create a new Page.

Unlike other video hosting services, creating stories will keep the number of video files you have in storage (and therefore hosted) to a minimum. 

  1. Login to SalesReach
  2. From the dashboard, Click a Page to open the Visual Builder, or click Create New to open the Visual Builder with a blank Page
  3. From the Visual Builder, navigate to the Hero Section of the sidebar menu
  4. Click 'Record A Video'
  5. If you have already made a recording with BuyerVideo, the Recorder will prompt you to permit BuyerVideo to record over, and replace your previous recording
  6. Record your new message (your old one will be replaced)

Note: BuyerVideo recordings that are replaced via the BuyerVideo Recorder are deleted. They are not kept in an archive and cannot be retrieved. Once you permit BuyerVideo to record over the previous video you have permanently deleted the previous video. 

add stories to salesreachpages

New Video Table Controls

You can easily identify which videos are BuyerVideos with the table controls and when selecting videos in the Hero section of the Visual Builder you'll see which videos are "Tied to the page."