Additional Data Points for Better Engagement Tracking and Reporting

Make use of new data points on your SalesReach dashboard to get a better sense of how engaged people are with your page.

The SalesReach Dashboard has a new look. This design prioritizes new data points and presents higher detailed reporting giving customers better insight into performance and engagement.

View the Current Trends Report On the SalesReach Dashboard

Perhaps most noticeable is the Current Trends Report of the SalesReach Dashboard. At the very top of your Dashboard is a display of three straightforward line graphs. Get a snapshot of top-line engagement metrics and trends with your content. 

Unique Visitors

Has anyone new seen a SalesReach page? SalesReach calculates unique visitors as soon as anyone visits a page you've created. Based upon their IP, they're then recorded as a unique visitor. You now have the ability to better gauge the spread of your information within an organization or elsewhere with Unique Visitor counts on the Current Trends section of the SalesReach Dashboard.

Total Visitors 

Anyone who views a SalesReach Page at any time will be recorded as a visit on total visits. If your customer views one of your SalesReach Page once and comes back, SalesReach will record two visits that day. This graph on the Current Trends Report counts all visits to any SalesReach Page.

Asset Clicks 

One of the most requested metrics has been Asset Clicks. Now you can get a good sense of engagement with Assets on your Pages. This displays all clicks of all assets across all SalesReach Pages.

Get a sense for the Asset Clicks, Video Clicks per Page in the table below the Current Trends Report.