Manage All Proposals from Your SalesReach Pages with the New Visual Builder

Proposals have moved. You'll find your Proposals in SalesReach on a per Page basis.

In order to better reflect how our users are using the product, we decided to simplify the Proposals feature in SalesReach. 

As you continue to update SalesReach pages with relevant content and personalization to engage with your buyer you will eventually get to the place in the relationship when it's time to share a proposal. 

The best proposals are customized and provide a personalized offering so that the buyer knows that they've been heard and that the salesperson is offering a service or product that truly meets their needs. 

So, we've moved Proposal management to each SalesReach page.

When you think Proposal, think about the SalesReach Page you are using to manage the relationship. 

How to find your Proposals: 

Login > Dashboard > Click on the SalesReach Page you've created to deliver the Proposal > Use the Visual Builder to locate your Proposal. 

Proposal Versioning

Often during the negotiation process, a few proposals go out the door before the right one gets signed. 

Keep track of every version of a proposal and every proposal you've sent to your buyer on the Proposals section of the Visual Builder.

Duplicating Pages with Proposals

Proposals are unique to every page. They'll only ever exist on the page they were created. So, even if you clone a Page, the Proposal will not come with it.