How to Manage Assets in the Content Library with Folders

Staying Organized: Use folders to keep your Assets organized in the Content Library and manage permissions.


How to stay organized in SalesReach

  • Create Folders
  • Create Groups
  • Assign Content Roles to your users 
  • Manage Permissions and Visibility 

Your organization has content of all types and until SalesReach you have been sending all this to your buyer probably through email with attachments leaving them to organize the sale for you. 

SalesReach creates a visual layer over your content and organizes the entire sales experience for your buyer in an engaging, on-brand, and personalized way.

With all that content you need to stay organized too. 

There are several tools to keep organized in SalesReach, Folders are the basic and therefore most important organizational tool. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 3.20.30 PM

How to Create an Assets Folder

  • From the SalesReach Dashboard, locate the Content Library on the Menu
  • Within the Content Library locate Assets
  • In the Assets section of the Content Library locate the "Add New" button in the upper right
  • Click the "Add New" 
  • Select Folder
  • Name your Folder
  • Select the Permissions under "Visible By"
  • Click Save

Note: Visibility controls will be overwritten if you move an Asset into a shared folder. 

Folders in SalesReach work just like they do in other systems.