How to Duplicate Pages in SalesReach

Use the duplicate control on the table to easily create an exact copy of a SalesReach page.

You don't need to start over with each SalesReach page you can duplicate the one you've already made. 

However, if you'd like to start conversations up again, feel free to grab time on my calendar, can't wait to talk to you soon. You can use that page as your custom fallback page, which is kind of a fun way to get the meeting with somebody. But here's where you can password protect the entire page. If I check password protect, I can now type in anything I want on this line and that password that I type in, I need to share that with my contact. They're going to need that to log in to this page. I'm going to de-select that so that this page is not password protected. And now to get back to the dashboard because this page is done, I can just hit this ax in the top left corner. Next to edit page. Now I'm back to my dashboard and you'll see here is that page that I made for bill Withers right here.

If I want to go in and edit this page, I can click anywhere in this area while I'm hovering over it and it'll go right to the page editor. Additionally, if I just want to copy the link and share it with bill, I could just copy the link by clicking on it here and it'll copy the link right to the clipboard. If I wanted to unpublish this page, I could go to published, toggle it to no, and now that page is no longer listed and live for anyone to look at the status tracker here. I can Mark this on hold closed, one closed, lost, or just leave it active totally up to you how you use that. Also if I wanted to create another page and just speed it up, make it even simpler, I could hit this, duplicate this page box right here. And what that does is it literally makes a replica of the page I just created so that all I have to do is go in and change some of the personalized elements and also maybe swap out some of the materials on the page.

So in this case, what I'll do is I'll change this to 3m Betty White and you'll see that the URL slug has automatically changed to 3m Betty White as well. I'll hit save and now I'm right back in that page I had made for bill, but I'm obviously going to go in here and change the word bill to Betty because this is a new person that I'm sending it to, but Betty still works at 3:00 AM so I don't need to change this headline. Pretty simple. And now this page is already ready to send out to Betty. I can go ahead and hit publish and that page is ready to send right now. I can hit the share button and send it in an email or copy it to your clipboard. Now, one thing that's important to note is that if you do not have a default email provider set in your computer, when you hit send an email, it won't open up automatically, so you need to make sure that you have your email provider set as your default.

Once you've done that, when you hit send in an email, it will open up your email client with a direct link already in the body of that email and then you just have to put in the prospect's email that you're sending it to type in whatever subject line you want and type in whatever message you want. In the context section. What I tell a lot of people is when you start using these page builders for your customers, make it clear in your email exactly what this page is. Let them know you asked me for some information and to make it simple for you, I created a custom page just for you. That way they know what they're landing on. They don't think it's just some generic marketing page. They know this is their customer portal and let them know when that email, that moving forward, whenever they need anything else from you, you'll be sure to load it onto this page for them to make it really simple for them to review everything that they need from you.