How to add animated GIFs to your emails with BuyerVideo

With BuyerVideo you can create GIFs to increase engagement and clicks to your Sales Pages. Every BuyerVideo recording you create automatically generates a GIF file, here's how to access them and share via email.

Watch the Video tutorial on creating GIFs for your emails with BuyerVideo


BuyerVideo creates GIFs to increase engagement with SalesReach Sales Pages

Any Sales Page with a BuyerVideo recording featured in the Hero section will create a preview GIF for sharing on social media or with instant messaging apps. 

If you want to share a Sales Page with a preview GIF you will need to select this method from the share icon located in from the Visual Builder. 

copy link and gif to clipboard

How to create a GIF for email

  • Login to SalesReach
  • From the dashboard click the title of a page you want to share
  • Make sure you have a BuyerVideo recording on the page
  • Click the share icon from the top menu of the Visual Builder
  • Select "Copy link & GIF to Clipboard"

This functionality is available with a SalesReach Pro subscription.