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Do You Have Favorite Page Templates?

Do you find yourself searching for the same page templates frequently?

The "My Templates" feature within SalesReach now includes templates saved in both Centered and Classic designs and also now includes the ability to "Favorite" or "Star" your most commonly used templates to help in selecting the appropriate template even faster.

This is a Pro and Unlimited Plan feature only.

How it looks

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 10.17.53 AM

The next time you create a new sales page, go through your template options and select the star on your favorite templates.

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 10.16.33 AM

The next time you build a page, you can then select the "Favorites Only" filter to only see the templates you use most.

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 9.40.51 AM

Note: If the "Favorites Only" selection has been made, you will only see options that have been selected as Favorites. To see all templates, ensure you toggle off the "Favorites Only" selection.