Content Library Receives New Controls for Rapid Content Management

In your SalesReach Content Library, you'll find new content management controls that serve multiple core functions.

The SalesReach Content Library has new features added to the Asset Table, very similar to the Pages Table on the Dashboard. There are new controls for users to leverage for better file structure, organization, and bulk actions. 

New Table Controls

The new table controls appear in the upper right of the table and represent distinct Asset maintenance actions and table sort functionality. 

These controls have been added to:

  • Assets Table
  • Bios Table
  • Message Templates Table
  • Images Table
  • Videos Table

New table controls are as follows. 

[image annotated table controls]

  1. Edit - Select one Asset and click the Edit icon to make changes to your Asset as they will appear on all SalesReach Pages that reference this Asset.
    1. Note, you can now add Tags to your Assets for an additional measure of organization.
  2. Delete - Select one or more Assets to be deleted. Note: by deleting any Asset or combination of Assets you will be removing the Asset and all associated data (such as visits and clicks) from SalesReach and their presence from and SalesReach Pages. This action will impact reporting, removing data from the Dashboard.  
  3. Duplicate - Select one or more pages to be duplicated. This will not duplicate the data of the original and will create a duplicated and unpublished new version of the source. 
  4. Move - Select an Asset or multiple to move them to another folder. If you would like to send an asset to another team that does not currently have access you should consider a Duplication and then Transfer Ownership.
  5. Transfer Ownership - Select one Asset or more to be transferred to another Member in SalesReach. This can be helpful if a rep leaves and the Admin should introduce a replacement rep or when making a handoff between service providers at your company. 
    1. Transferred Assets will not be removed from all SalesReach Pages that reference that Asset until you edit the page. Until an edit is made to the page the Asset will remain available to visitors to your SalesReach pages.
    2. Transferred Assets will ___ data and will ___ on the SalesReach Dashboard
    3. Likewise, if the Asset is transferred back __ data will be ___. 

Sort Assets via Interactive Column Titles

The Pages Table now has more ways to analyze the performance of your SalesReach Pages. The new Pages Table features the updates to the column titles.

Column titles are interactive and sort assets in ascending and descending values. 

New Column Titles 

  1. Title
  2. Created / Updated  [1]
  3. Visible By
  4. Owner

[1]  Asset date metrics can be selected via the column title and data can be sorted by ascending or descending values. 

Users can still sort the Assets Table in ascending and descending order via the column titles: title created, updated, visible by, and owner.