BuyerVideo cleans up the sales process with 'stories-like' functionality

BuyerVideo keeps your videos organized. When you're editing a SalesReach Page you can record a new video and delete the old one.

In order to help users maintain their portal, BuyerVideo has the added functionality to record videos. 

In longer sales cycles, things tend to pile up. Especially emails and messages. 

Video messaging is no different.

Think about all the videos you're recorded throughout the journey of doing business with that prospect. If they've become a customer and you're now their rep, surely even more videos are going to get made. 

Instead of charging our customers to host simple video messages that will never get used more than once—we've designed BuyerVideo to clean up the sales process. 

Just like recording a story on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn—BuyerVideo recordings are updated so your buyer only sees the most recent information.

add stories to salesreachpages

Add Stories to SalesReach Pages with BuyerVideo

To post a 'story' or a new update to your buyer's portal and place a video message on a SalesReach page just open the BuyerVideo Recorder from the Visual Builder.

You'll be able to get rid of your previous message and post a new one in one click:

Just confirm you want to replace your previous recording and finish your new BuyerVideo recording by putting it on the page. 

The SalesReach Content Library saves a record of this within the Video section and will continually replace the video as you continue to make videos. 

New Video Table Controls

You can easily identify which videos are BuyerVideos with the table controls and when selecting videos in the Hero section of the Visual Builder you'll see which videos are "Tied to the page."