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New UI for SalesReach Learn More about Design Updates and New Functionality

You may have noticed that the SalesReach product looks a lot different as of April 4th, 2020. We rolled out a new look and made things easier to use. Read this article to learn more about what changed in the SalesReach redesign.


Will People Viewing My Pages See This Change?

No, all SalesReach pages will appear and function the same as they did before this update.

Your customers, prospects, and general viewers of your pages will have the same experience as they did before. They won't notice any of the changes we've launched.  

This update concerns creating more efficient workflows for SalesReach customers and providing the best possible experience.

Updated Design Elements

Remember the last time your phone updated and the apps looked a little different? 

Over here at SalesReach we have been calling the redesign a "reskin" because much of the update pertains to visual elements and interactions users can see and use but much of the core functionality and features that users are familiar with are intact.

List of significant design elements impacting functionality

  • New look and feel (let us know what you think)
  • Additional colors were added to indicate sort pages by use-case
  • Additional colors were also added to indicate changes in data such as up (green) or down (red)
  • New interactivity and color styles were added to form toggles that introduced more clarity upon status and status change
  • New icons to represent page actions such as delete, copy, or transfer
  • Hyperlinks were removed from the interior product
  • Users can now find page creation in the navigation for quicker access


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