A few new ways to use Assets: click to email and without a link options

Assets have been updated to include new options including a click to email and a 'no link' option.

Watch the video to see what these updates could mean for your buyer:

Center Asset Headline Text

Now headlines that introduce sections on SalesReach Pages can be centered. Previously Content Section headlines were all right-aligned. 

Note: centering content sections via company settings is a global change and will affect all pages within the portal. 

To center Content Section headers: 

  1. Login to SalesReach
  2. Go to General Settings
  3. Scroll down to Text Alignment
  4. Select 'Centered' from the dropdown select

Remove Link from Assets and Asset Tiles on SalesReach Pages

It is now possible to remove links from Assets and Asset Tiles. 

Previously, when creating Assets in SalesReach you always had to select a link or upload a file. Now, you can choose whether or not you want to link to anything at all.

In some situations, the asset tiles can be a useful visual aid for some SalesReach users. For example, you may want to use Asset Tiles to outline a step-by-step process but do not want your audience to be able to click the tiles.

To create an Asset without a link or remove a link from an existing Asset: 

  1. Login into SalesReach
  2. Go to Assets in the Content Library
  3. Create a new Asset or edit an existing Asset
  4. From the Asset settings screen of any Asset scroll down to the Select Asset Link section
  5. Select 'None' to remove a link from an Asset or create an Asset that is not linked